Fox Pro for Windows as a search engine for A CD ROM 
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 Fox Pro for Windows as a search engine for A CD ROM


We are planning to market a large database (3 million or so records, and
about 12 numeric fields) on a CD-ROM.  Do you Fox Pro experts out there think
a FOX PRO for Windows front end would make a suitable search engine for our
data base?  We dont want anything too fancy, just the ability for the end
user to subset the data set and export it to a spreadsheet file or to a

 CD ROM 'experts' have told me it would be best if you could
get the index file into RAM to speed the search process up.  Can Fox Pro
do this?  Or are there other methods?  Optimally we would like to retain
the 3 million records in one data set, but (as I think) if it is too large
to search efficiently and timely, we could break it up.

BTW... If your looking for consulting work, we are in the process of searching
for a programmer to help us get this project moving...  You can email me
if you have any interest.

Joe Drew

Sun, 11 Aug 1996 20:57:00 GMT
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