Fox for Mac Screen Builder (on activate window) 
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 Fox for Mac Screen Builder (on activate window)

Hi there.  I Was wondering if anyone could help.

I'm using the Fox for Mac screen builder.

How does one associate an action with the 'activate window' event?

In other words, if I have two windows, providing views of two database
files, how would I activate/deactivate the independent reads as I switch
among windows?

It would seem that the 'On Window Activate' clause under the 'Code'
option would allow me to assign a procedure to this action.  However, it
only works the first time the window is opened, and the read in the last
window I open seems to remain active until I close both windows.

Can anyone out there help me with some advice?  Thank you in advance.

-Randall Jasmin

Fri, 26 Sep 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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