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 database for unix

This may be a FAQ, but I dont normally read this group (ie please reply
thru email).  I am in need of a simple database that will search by a
primary and secondary key, and have ability to store multiple fields.  I
tried to accomplish my task with sdbm (the public domain ndbm lookalike),
but it was inadequate for the two reasons mentioned.  Even if I kludged it
to work it was inadequate.  BUT, the amount of overhead (read that as size)
was perfect.  I don't need anything like ingres or some large commercial
package, I just need to be able to have a C function interface.  It would
also be nice if it was portable.  (BTW I am on a Sun 4 for what it matters).

If mail bounces, post and I will try to get back to read this group. THANKS

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Sat, 27 Nov 1993 00:39:15 GMT
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