Btrieve 6.15 (!6 bit), Win 2000, ODBC, Pervasive: not working 
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 Btrieve 6.15 (!6 bit), Win 2000, ODBC, Pervasive: not working


We are trying to create ODBC connection to Btrieve database.

I am not too sure, but I think the version is 6.15 (or somewhere in that
vacinity). I could find out if neccessary.
I believe this is a 16 bit version of btrieve.

We are able to to this in  windows 98 and earlier, but NOT under windows
2000. The error message that I receive is "Log on must succeed before data
source entry can succeed (Status code 802)"

I am not sure of how btrieve works, or how it interlinks with ODBC Pervasive
32 bit drivers (these are the drivers I believe are working as the ODBC
connection to btrieve). All I know is that we need to access this
information from Access using ODBC.

Is there any known reason for this that someone is aware of? More
importantly is there a solution?

Thanks for your interest

Please could you also forward a copy e-mail to


David Edelman
South Africa

Mon, 14 Apr 2003 23:29:34 GMT
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