IPDS 2002 Deadline extended to Januray 10, 2002 
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 IPDS 2002 Deadline extended to Januray 10, 2002


                          CALL FOR PAPERS
International Performance and Dependability Symposium (IPDS) 2002
             June 23 - 26, 2002, Washington DC, U.S.



In the year 2002, IPDS will be organized under umbrella of DSN
(Dependable Systems and Networks) Conference, which will take
place in Washington DC, U.S., June 23 - 26, 2002.

With growing strategic importance of large scale networked applications
executing on high-performance computers and broadband communication
networks, the performance and dependability of computer systems and
networks have become closely related. Designers and analysts must
consider the relationships between the occurrence of errors/failures
and their impact on performance, both in computer systems themselves
and in the interconnections between the system's components.

The International Performance and Dependability Symposium aims to bring
together academic and industrial researchers in these two areas, with
emphasis on integrating theory and practice. Relating analytical
techniques to simulations, actual measurements, and experiments will
be the broad theme of IPDS. Research relating to hardware and software
issues in parallel and distributed systems and networks will be
emphasized. The topics include but are not restricted to:

            Analytical/Simulation/Measurement Techniques for
            Performance/Dependability applied to:
            Software/Hardware Systems
            Real-Time Systems
            Communication Systems
            Distributed Systems
            Parallel and Clustered Systems
            Multiprocessing Systems
            Systems for Fault-tolerance

                        INFORMATION FOR AUTHORS
Regular papers describing original research, practical experience
reports, tool descriptions/demonstrations, and panel proposals will
be refereed and considered for publication in the Proceedings of the
2002 International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks.

Excessively long submissions, unoriginal work, or work that is
submitted to multiple venues, will be disregarded. The title page
should include the title of the paper, author name(s), affiliations,
mailing address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address, a maximum
150-word abstract, five keywords, the submission category (see above),
an approximate word count, and a declaration that the material has been
cleared through author affiliations. For multi-authored submissions, the
contact author should be indicated.

The format of submissions for review should be single-column, Times
11-point size, double spacing and no more than:
     20 pages for Regular Papers,
     10 pages for Practical Experience Reports and Tool Descriptions &
      2 pages for Panel proposals.

The format for final, camera-ready submissions that have been accepted
for publication should be in accordance with IEEE standard conference
format. The paper should be submitted in electronic form: PostScript
(.ps) or Portable Document Format (.pdf) to:
                http://www.***.com/ #Authors


Selected papers submitted under the regular paper category will be
considered for publication in a special issue of the Performance
Evaluation Journal

                          IMPORTANT DATES
                     Submission:      January 10, 2002
                     Notification:    March 11, 2002


Program Co-Chairs

Sachin Garg

Avaya Labs, Avaya, Inc.
233 Mount Airy Road
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 USA
Phone: (+1) 908 582 3912
Fax: (+1) 908 582 5809

Zbigniew Kalbarczyk

Center for Reliable and High Performance Computing
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1308 W. Main Street
Urbana, IL 61801 USA
Phone: (+1) 217 244 7110
Fax: (+1) 217 244 5686

Tools Demonstration Chair
M. Kaaniche (LAAS-CNRS, France)

Industry Liaison
L. Votta (Motorola Inc., USA)


Steering Committee
Chair: R. Iyer (U. of Illinois, Urbana, USA)
Co-Chair: K. Trivedi (Duke University, USA)
J. Abraham (U. of Texas, Austin, USA)
A. Avizienis (UCLA, USA)
G. Balbo (U. of Torino, Italy)
R. Chillarege (Opus360 Corp., USA)
R. Geist (Clemson University, USA)
G. Haring (U. of Vienna, Austria)
R. Harper (IBM Research, USA)
J.-C. Laprie (LAAS-CNRS, France)
R. Marie (U. of Rennes, France)
E.J. McCluskey (Stanford U., USA)
W. Sanders (U. of Illinois, Urbana, USA)
M. Woodside (Carleton U., Canada)

Program Committee
P. Barford (U. of Wisconsin, Madison, USA)
R. Chillarege (Opus360 Corp., USA)
G. Ciardo (College of William & Mary, USA)
J. Dugan (U. of {*filter*}ia, USA)
G. Haring (U of Vienna, Austria)
R. Harper (IBM Research, USA)
B. Haverkort (RWTH Aachen, Germany)
L. John (U. of Texas, Austin, USA)
K. Kanoun (LAAS-CNRS, France)
K. Keeton (HP Laboratories, USA)
Y. Levendel (Motorola Inc., USA)
C. Lindemann (U. of Dortmund, Germany)
S. Lumetta (U. of Illinois, Urbana, USA)
H. Madeira (U. of Coimbra, Portugal)
R. Marie (U. of Rennes, France)
P. Mehra (Compaq, USA)
W. Sanders (U. of Illinois, Urbana, USA)
M. Singhal (Ohio State U., USA)
J. Smith (U. of Wisconsin, Madison, USA)
A. Tai (I.A. Tech, Inc., USA)
M. Telek (Tech. U. of Budapest, Hungary)
T. Tsai (Avaya Inc., USA)
N. Vaidya (U. of Illinois, Urbana, USA)
A. van Moorsel (HP, USA)
M. Vouk (North Carolina State U., USA)

Ex Officio: R. Iyer and K. Trivedi

Tue, 15 Jun 2004 12:01:22 GMT
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