How to include text formatting in memo field or in report 
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 How to include text formatting in memo field or in report


>If I were to make a report which included text entered in by the users, how
>could I allow them to have more control over text formatting, etc.?

>ie. user enters text into memo field, but cannot store anything but straight
>text.  Control characters would be nice, but would have to be generic enough
>to send to any printer.  I am wondering if bold text, etc. to be in
>there, as well as underlining and perhaps italics can ever be included as a
>choice by the user in his/her own text.

You can use the text-merge features, the _pcode globals, and
some artful on key label programming to do just this.

Look up the place in the printer description file that holds the
boldface or italic commands. You want to look for the right fields
for the commands to turn this feature on and off.

Set up global vars that look like BoldOn and BoldOFF (or anything else
that might be easy for your users to recognize).

Define an ON KEY LABEL to insert <<BoldOn>> <<BoldOff>> into the text
and to reposition the cursor into the space between the two variables.

At print time, SET TEXTMERGE ON, grab the appropriate printer code from
the appropriate printer definition, and send your stuff to the printer.
You want to resolve the values for BOLDON and BOLDOFF at print time
rather than compile time so users can choose from different printers.

I do this in one of my applications. It works pretty well. Not as
nice as seeing boldface on the screen, though.

Sun, 03 Aug 1997 00:42:11 GMT
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