Cannot Access SQL Server Databases from VS .NET 
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 Cannot Access SQL Server Databases from VS .NET

I have a very interesting problem.  I am unable to access
ANY SQL Server databases from my installation of
VS .NET.  This happens in the designer (i.e. Configure
SqlDataAdapter), in code, and in Server Explorer.  In all
cases, I get a connection failed message.  I am 100% sure
that I am using a valid username/password, and I am
attempting to connect using SQL Server Authentication.

I have verified that I can access these databases
correctly from another machine where VS .NET is
installed.  Both machines are running Windows XP Pro.

The most interesting thing is, when trying to set up a
new connection in Server Explorer, for example, the Test
Connection button reports success, but then clicking the
OK button results in the connection failed message.

At this point, I am at a loss for how to proceed.  I
suspect that there is a problem with my MDAC components,
but I cannot figure out how to fix it.  I downloaded the
Component Checker from the microsoft web site, but it
refuses to remove the current version of MDAC because two
DLL's are reported in use.  This is even true when I
reboot without processing system.ini, win.ini, system
services, and startup items.  The two DLL's in question

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Christopher S. Peet
Senior Software Engineer
EdMicro Inc.

Fri, 01 Jul 2005 21:48:07 GMT
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