Unidata's Idle State Question 
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 Unidata's Idle State Question

Here's a problem we just had on Unidata 3.1.5b:

I am running through a process that loads data onto a PC from the Pick
environment. If I encounter an invalid piece of data I fill an error array, to
be printed out at the end of the process. The problem occurs when this
particular piece of data is too long (its 35 chars instead of 25). I try to
tell the user the problem by placing the offending data in an error message (I
really, really, really hate messages like : Somwhere near line ...). Here is
the line of code I use:

111      ERR.MSG = "Data item :"BLD.ITM:" is larger than the assigned field
size of ":FLD.SZ:"."

BLD.ITM is the offending data.
FLD.SZ is the field size variable.

For some reason we hit this line and go into that never never land of the idle
state. Debugs directly after line 111 never happen.

To top it off, Unidata reps claim its not one of their Bugs. They
claim it must be our product's bug. Just a tad irritating.

Anyone else run into this? Your input has been, and I'm sure will be greatly

Michael Prodor                    "Prepare your Heinie for my Spank Ray"

Tue, 25 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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