PC Filemaker Pro v3 file to Mac Filemaker Pro 2.1 
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 PC Filemaker Pro v3 file to Mac Filemaker Pro 2.1

Hi, I'm using the Mac versions' filemaker pro (FMP) ver 2.1 in my
office. I brought home some work to do, and my PC version of the FMP is
3.0. I heard from my brother in law that FMP files from a later verison,
cannot be read or edited by an earlier version. Is this true?

Can IBM FMP files be read by Mac versions of the FMP?

If the later version FMP files indeed cannot be read by earlier
versions, is there any solution to enable earlier versions to read these
later version files? Or is there a solution to force the later versions
to save the files to an earlier vesion?

I'm DESPARATELY in need of help,as my project is cominh up soon..
Any help i can get is deeply appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Thu, 14 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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