Hypercubes, metacubers, etc. 
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 Hypercubes, metacubers, etc.


I am a computer science student who am currently doing a research study
on OLAP. Right now I have some problems with getting into details on how
to actually store the data in an OLAP database (on the fysical level).
For the star,and snowflake, schema I have found some information on the
net. But it's harder for the hypercube and metacube, natural since MDDB
is highly proprietary databases.

So, if anyone could give some good information pointers I would be very

Note: What I have read is several whitepapers/articles found on the web
and in database magazines + The OLAP Report.

Thanks for your time!

Aksel Hilde
Norwegian Institute of Technology

Sat, 08 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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