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 WinSQL version 2.2

                    WinSQL   Version 2.2  -  22 Jul 1994

WinSQL is a single-user database system for Windows 3.1, designed to assist
in the teaching/learning of SQL.  It is intended to be used in conjunction
with typical introductory database courses, rather than in a completely
stand-alone self-teaching situation.

WinSQL is not aimed at professional developers who are probably already
familiar with SQL.  Compared to other Windows-based database systems (such
as Access, Paradox for Windows, etc), WinSQL is a small low-budget system
which lacks many features, but it has two advantages:

1. It is free (for non-commercial usage), allowing students to use it on
   their home computers, without any licensing hassles.

2. It provide special features for illustrating the workings of SQL queries.
   For example, it allows the user the options of seeing how rows are matched
   in joins, what results are returned by subqueries and which actual rows
   are grouped by a "group by" clause. (These options are controlled from the
   View menu.)  Unlike some educational software, these displays are not
   hardcoded for predetermined queries applied to a predetermined database
   structure.  Instead, they are generated at execution time.

To avoid possible misunderstandings, I point out that WinSQL does not
currently provide:

- full SQL support (It provides most but not all of SQL-86.);
- databases with tables of more than a few thousand rows;
- forms;
- client-server support (i.e. no ODBC, IDAPI, etc);
- a host language interface. (A C++ interface exists, but is undocumented
  and subject to change.  The source code is not available.)

More specific details on the limitations can be found in the help file.

WinSQL has been placed on two sites:

- For Australian users, a copy is on under the
  directory /pub/winsql.

- For overseas users, a copy has been uploaded to
  and should eventually appear somewhere under the directory /pub/pc/win3.

Jim Reye

Sun, 26 Jan 1997 14:48:36 GMT
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