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 Need Microsoft Excel help

Sorry for crossposting folks, I know it's not a good thing but the
more help I can get the better. I got thrown into a job about a year
ago running our companies Excel Database (office 97) with little excel
experience. Suffice to say I have been learning as I go along...some
mistakes were minor but recently some are pretty major and have almost
cost me my job twice. I describe my dillema below. Any experience
users are encouraged to respond either here of via email to

Thanks in advance!

Problem #1: (some background first) I work for a net based used pro
audio equipment sales company and enter several new listings into
excel everyday. We all share the database over a network.  Over time I
find myself needing to update listings that either: get sold (by
cutting and inserting them to a second page labeled SOLD ), relisting
them on a third page that goes out on a daily mailer and our website,
or adding the date in the date column of the last time we spoke with
the client to verify availability. Since we usually have multiple
items from vendors for sale in different categories (ie Microphones,
speakers, consoles, etc) I use the AutoFilter to sort out the vendor
to make it easy to get around.

Here is the problem. When I cut highlighted data in Autofilter mode
(ie line #3, #35, #125 are filtered out) and insert it to another
sheet or database _sometimes_ it cuts out the hidden listings in
between  lines #3-#125 without me knowing it.  Sometimes it doesnt do
this I cant explain why. Obviously its a bad thing because it takes
existing data that I DONT want to manipulate and inserts it into
another database witout me knowing about it. Before i know it I am
missing hundreds of listings with no apparent explanation (until

To add to my confusion when I type SOLD or a new date into a cell and
highlight that autofiltered column and drag SOLD through all the
remaining cells it ONLY affects the data thats shown and NOT the data
in the hidden cells in between. This seems couterproductive to
me...when I autofilter an item out I only want to manipulate those
items that I want to see moved around, not hidden data. Why does excel
do this?

Problem #2: Sometimes I have to keep listings in waiting on a separate
database. Very randomly and rarely when I cut that data from the
working database and insert the cut cells into our master database I
have another weird problem. For no apparent reason there is a "link"
between the two workbooks (in the formula column that has our markup
included in it). Whenever we try to reorganize the database it crashes
because this link seems to throw off the formula somehow. What the
heck is this thing doing?

I swear I am not doing anything to provoke this behavior. I just cut
and paste all day long but I cant argue with the results...major
problems are causing my boss to drop what he is doing to deal with
this database issue. On two separate occasions we have had to reload
the entire database because it had somehow become corrupted and lost
weeks worth of work. (We back up bi weekly now). My employer is not
happy with these results and we both are confused. Can someone
demystify Excel for me?

Mon, 19 Jul 2004 02:34:42 GMT
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