Data entry into an @...LIST box??? 
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 Data entry into an @...LIST box???

Hello --

Here's my situation/problem ---

At one point in an app, I have a multi-function screen in which users will
be able to view, add to, or edit a table of contact people.  There are
attributes for name (last, first, mi), id number (unique), location, area
code, phone, extension, and fax.  The names are displayed in a list box,
which works fine for the view part.

What I want to do is enable the user to add or change names DIRECTLY in the
list box, without having to call a second screen just to add/edit the
name.  The list is currently set up directly from the table using the
'Fields' option in the List dialog box.

Any help from the rest of the world would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

-- Merrill

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Sun, 26 May 1996 01:08:54 GMT
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