CFP: The Practical Application of Knowledge Management (PAKeM98) 
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 CFP: The Practical Application of Knowledge Management (PAKeM98)

First International Conference on
The Practical Application of Knowledge Management

Monday 23rd March - Wednesday 25th March 1998, London, UK

PAKeM98 is sponsored and supported by: CompulogNet, Integral Solutions
Ltd, LPA, Prolog Management Group, Association of Logic Programming,
Lionheart Publishing Inc., and is held in cooperation with AAAI.

Call for Participation

PAKeM98 - The First International Conference and Exhibition on the
Practical Application of Knowledge Management is a new conference that
aims to demonstrate the use of this key technology for solving
real-world problems in business, industry, and commerce.

Conference Objectives

PAKeM is the new event for 1998 initiated in recognition of the emerging
level of interest in Knowledge Management.  KM is rapidly being
recognised as an essential business tool to locate, organise, transfer
and use the information and expertise within an organisation.

The aim of this conference is to examine, discuss and develop solutions
for the management of knowledge within organisations by addressing areas
such as:

                Strategic management of knowledge
                Knowledge as a means of maintaining sustainable
competitive advantage                  
                Process reengineering through knowledge management
                Knowledge as a means for unlocking and maximising an
organisations assets
                Provision of timely access to relevant knowledge
                Maintaining security of sensitive information
                How to quantify the intangible assets of your
                Knowledge evolution in an organization
                Distributing knowledge in an organization
                Communities of practice, how to get and keep them going
                The role of the knowledge facilitator/steward/activist


PAKeM98 will form part of a five day Practical Application Expo which
will also include:
PADD98-The Practical Application of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
PAAM98-The Practical Application of Intelligent Agent and Multi Agent
PAP/PACT98- Incorporating The Sixth Practical Application Prolog and The
Fourth Practical Application of Constraint Technology.
The Four conference and tutorial programmes will overlap, enabling
delegates to get the best possible value from attending these events.

You are invited to register your interest for PAKeM98 by completing the
reply form below.

Call for Papers

We invite papers or industrial reports describing fielded or near term
applications which exploit Knowledge Management technology.

Because PAKeM98 will focus on real-world benefits, preference will be
given to papers describing fielded applications, especially in the
business arena. Also of interest are descriptions of advanced
prototypes, tools and techniques, and general survey papers which
indicate the future directions for knowledge management technology.

Submission Details

Five copies of your paper, in English, should be received by the
conference organisers, on or before December 5, 1997. Papers from non
English spreakers are strongly encouraged, however we would ask that
your paper is proof read by a native English speaker before submission.

Please include:
A Cover Page containing Full Contact Details
A Short Abstract
Your E-mail Address

Submitted papers should be no more than twenty pages long.

Authors of successful submissions will be notified by January 12, 1998.  
Accepted papers in camera-ready format will be due by February 13, 1998.

Call for Exhibitors

PAKeM98 provides an excellent opportunity for vendors and developers to
demonstrate knowledge management-based systems. You are invited to
contact the conference organisers to arrange for your application to be
exhibited at the event.

Programme Committee

The conference chair is Larry Lucardie of Andersen Consulting.  
The programme chair is Robin Drogemuller of James Cook University of
North Queensland.
The programme committee is drawn worldwide, from industry leaders and
first class universities and research organisations.

KK Aw                            Malaysia
Walter Baets                    Euro-Arab Management School, Spain
Avron Barr                      Stanford Computer Industry Project , USA
Jean-Paul Barths            University of Technology of Compigne,
Annie Brooking               The Technology Broker, UK
David Coleman                Collaborative Strategies, USA
John Debenham               University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Rose Dieng                      INRIA, France
Robin Drogemuller          James Cook University of North Queensland,
Jean-Louis Ermine           CEA Centre de Saclay, France
Bob Hallsworth               ICL Consultancy, UK
Gerald Kristen                 KISS, The Netherlands
Larry Lucardie                 Andersen Consulting, The Netherlands
Ann Macintosh                AIAI, UK
Rob Mattison                   Sequent Computer Systems, USA
J. J. Merelo                      University of Granada, Spain
Rudy Ruggles                  Ernst and Young, USA
Jos Schreinemakers         Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Robert Taylor                   KPMG Management Consulting, UK
Roger Whitehead             Office Futures, UK
Wouter de Vries               Unilever, The Netherlands
Roger Williams                CapGemini, UK


The Conference is organised by The Practical Application Company. The
Sponsorship and Exhibition Coordinator is Clive Spenser, PMG Treasurer,
and Marketing Director of Logic Programming Associates.

To register interest please take the time to fill in this quick reply











[ ]     I may submit a paper to PAKeM98 (Give provisional title if

[ ]     I may wish to attend PAKeM98 as a delegate

[ ]     My company may wish to sponsor or exhibit at the event

[ ]     I have no interest in this technology. But keep me informed of
        events in your advanced software technology series

[ ]    I am interested in other events at the Practical Application Expo

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