Clipper 5.0 ERROR (DBFNTX/1021)..... HELP!! 
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 Clipper 5.0 ERROR (DBFNTX/1021)..... HELP!!

  I have encountered a strange error in Clipper 5.0.  I can't seem to find
any documentation on it.  Here is the code

        *** Compiled with /n/a/w  
        func sorttest (db, fld)

                Use (db)
                SORT TO sortfile ON &fld

the error occurs on the sorting line.  The run time message I get is:
        Error DBFNTX/1021   Data width error
        Called from __DBARRANG(0)
        Called from __DBSORT(0)
        Called from SORTTEST(5)

It occurs for any field name in ONE database I have.  I did get the thing
to work with another database.  dBase will sort the problem database fine and
shows no obvious problems with the database (list, browse, display all work
fine and consistently throughout the database).  

Has anybody else encountered this error?  Does anyone know where it is
documented?  DBFNTX is one of the default libraries that get linked using
RTLINK, should I be including this library?  How can I fix this?

Thanks for any help

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Sun, 16 May 1993 11:32:54 GMT
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