?? Calling SetHandleCount() 
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 ?? Calling SetHandleCount()

Surely just the FILES= parameter in CONFIG.SYS!??


> We have started getting 'Too many files open' messages in windows while
> using our FPW2.6 application.  I read an old posting that said that
> this could be fixed by calling the API SetHandleCount() function
> through RegFn(), but there were no examples or more info on how to call
> it.  We can't seem to find any of our developers manuals and don't know
> the specifics on where/what to do.  If the posting was accurate, FP
> defaults to 20, regardless of config.sys settings.

> any help is good help

> Jim Schultz

Stuart Fairful
Bytemark Ltd
+44 (141) 226 4890

Sun, 23 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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