Paradox vs. Access 
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 Paradox vs. Access

I have been Beta testing both Access and Paradox for Windows and here's
my initial impressions - I'd be interested in hearing other's comments or
corrections if I am wrong...

Access's strength is in it's ease of use. Wizards, Cue Cards and the Graphical
QBE stand out.  But you begin noticing Accesss's weaknesses once you go beyond
simple database creation and begin some advanced application development. My
guess is that Microsoft wanted to get Access out the door before Paradox/Win
and on people's desktops (hence the $99 bait).  I'm hoping that Microsoft will
work on the language and developer's issues in future upgrades and add more
Wizards for end users.  Specifically what I don't like is that you call a
macro from a button (with few options: On Push...etc) and then you have to
go to the macros section to write the macro. Not the object oriented feel
I would have liked to see. The language is lacking fundatmental
do not have a Create Table or Drop Table statement -- it must be done in the
interface.  This is a severe limitation for a module which needs to create
and drop temporary tables. Access has a 4MB transaction limit (meaning that
if you have a transaction that requires more than 4MB, forget it.)  We
came across this testing a global replace on a text field with a 100,000
row table). With ODBC (as it is now) you must create your
table in Access and then export to SQL Server -- you cannot create a table
on SQL Server via Access directly.  We're beginning our performance tests
of the products, but my guess is that Access will be slower.  Also, I still
don't understand why everything is bundled into one .MDB file - reminds me
of R:Base and the corruption problems we had. I hope I'm wrong about this
with Access, but we'll be testing the reliability as well.

Borland has really done their homework with Paradox/Windows and ObjectPal.
The developer can really create some awesome applications. Lots of events
(methods) to choose from and there is a definite OO feel to this application.
Since Pdox/Win is not out yet, I'll just give an overview of my impressions
without too much detail but the areas that need definite improvement is the
QBE!  Access is outstanding in comparison. Borland needs to focus on the
ease of use and beef up the QBE. If they do that over the next upgrades, I
see Paradox/Win as a really full database application environment. IDAPI is
their equivalent to ODBC and proposed as a SAG CLI. Anyone have more info
on IDAPI vs ODBC? IDAPI apparently addresses a navigational data access
method wheras ODBC doesn't (?)  Overall, I like Paradox except for beginning
users and simple applications, Access wins.

Anyway, in summary I see that one product excels where the other doesn't.
I'm waiting for Pdox/Win to come out before jumping into Access just
because they came out earlier. Borland has quite a competitor now, though....

I'm interested in any thoughts others have on this topic....

Diana Porter
Cal Poly State University
San Luis Obispo, California

Fri, 02 Jun 1995 05:15:39 GMT
 Paradox vs. Access


> [very interesting comparison of Access vs. Paradox]
>method wheras ODBC doesn't (?)  Overall, I like Paradox except for beginning
>users and simple applications, Access wins.

I've been looking at various database apps that would allow transparent
linking (through built-in modules or DDE) of data to spreadsheets.
Access, because of its Access Basic comes reasonably close to it. (oh,
yes, ability to distribute everything as standalones or with
distrribution kit is a must, too, as is native networking capabilities).
Does anyone have a suggestion?  Below $gadzillion.00?



Fri, 02 Jun 1995 07:37:54 GMT
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