Need help using query object 
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 Need help using query object

I have been trying to use query object with querymode QY_ARRAY but had
no luck!

I set the Scope to CurFrame.Scope.
I set the TargetArray attribute to the array of a tablefield in which I
want to put the resulting set.
I have set the class of the tablefield to a userclass I created.
I also set the TargetPrefix to the tablefield name.
Next I assign the ColumnName, IsSelectTarget attributes for each column.

Finally I try to open the object with  qo.Open(querymode=QY_ARRAY)

It crashes every time and all I get as error is :

Please contact your Technical Support representative.
/users/csms/bin/rc[52]: 10552 Memory fault(coredump)

If anyone has an idea please help!!

Antonis Migiakis

Fri, 01 Jul 2005 20:58:28 GMT
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