ODBC 2.0 with Btrieve for NT server crashes in win95 when logged in onto netware server 
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 ODBC 2.0 with Btrieve for NT server crashes in win95 when logged in onto netware server

Hi colleagues!

Finally found why my ODBC2.0 drivers probably didn't work:
We have small network with one Win NT 4.0 server (PDC) and one NetWare
4.1server (NDS).
On Win95 OSR2 there's primary login into NT domain, then into Netware NDS
tree (Microsoft Netware client + NDS service) with login script enabled.

ODBC drivers don't work even after deleting all mapped netware drives and
searches - I have to right-click Network Neighborhood and log-out from Who
Am I dialogue. Then everything goes fine.

I've tried to delete all old netware Btrieve dll and exe files from
sys:\public - didn't help. Deleted search mapping into sys:\public - didn't

I have all 6 necessary netware dlls
NWLOCALE DLL        43 088  20.09.94  12.16 NWLOCALE.DLL
NWNET    DLL       225 264  18.10.94  16.35 NWNET.DLL
NWPSRV   DLL       277 532  06.10.94  13.35 NWPSRV.DLL
NWIPXSPX DLL        41 456  18.10.94  14.55 NWIPXSPX.DLL
NWCALLS  DLL       147 616  20.10.94  11.56 NWCALLS.DLL
NWGDI    DLL        82 064  17.05.94  10.25 NWGDI.DLL
placed in windows\system (as described in win95 reskit) and they're the
same as in sys:\public.

My search mappings on netware are
SRV1_SYS: \PUBLIC\BAT (really only .bat files)

Anyone have the same config/similar problems/solution???
I'd really like to be connected to both NDS and NT Domain in the same time

Miroslav PRAGL, IS Manager
Omega Optix, v.o.s. - We Care About Eyecare
Tel +420 (202) 804 444, FAX +420 (202) 802741
Prazska 1012, 250 01 Brandys nad Labem
Czech Republic

Tue, 25 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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