Accessing databases through WWW 
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 Accessing databases through WWW

Here are the Progress-Web projects I know about:

  Progress - 2 people working part-time on a generic web to Progress
  solution.  Hope to have something for our User Conference, June 26.

  ECSDG in Sweden - Johan Svensson at ECSDG is working on a gateway.

  Doug Lucy at Allegro Consultants - Has a client who wants a Progress

  Peter Kay - Don't know the details of his project but I know he

Whether you use existing technologies or write your own, it isn't too
hard.  Basically, the web server fires up a process (On Unix it is
usually a Perl or shell script) which extracts info from a database and
formats it.  If you are not familiar with cgi-bin scripts, you should
probably buy an intro book like:

  Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a Week
  ISBN: 0672306670
  Author: Lemay

I am also appending an e-mail I sent out a couple weeks ago regarding
my conference presentation.


--- Forwarded mail from andy

Subject: Progress and the Internet

At the upcoming Progress Worldwide User Conference I will be presenting
a session called "Leveraging the Internet to Your Company's Advantage."
During the talk I would like to offer examples of how actual users have
used Internet services.  I am particullarly interested in stories of
people who have connected Progress applications or DBs directly to the

If you have an example you would consider sharing with the Progress
community, anything from e-mail to the worldwide web, let me know.  If
you have any tools or methodologies for connecting Progress to the
Internet, let me know.  Please keep in mind that I cannot promise what
I will use in the presentation or how I will use it.

Incidentally, here is the session abstract:

    Learn to use the information super-highway to your advantage. Find
    out what the Internet really is, its technology and capabilities,
    and how to put it to work for you. Increase your business by
    reaching customers and new prospects quickly. Explore the growing
    global information web and learn how to post your company's
    marketing and technical information to the world overnight.
    Examples of how you can hook PROGRESS databases directly to the
    Internet are included in this session, as well as information on
    how to become part of Progress Software's "AP On-line" system.

If you want updated conference info you can find it on the World Wide
Web at:  " http://www.***.com/ ;.  You will
also find Orlando tourism information there.

Thank you for your help and thanks to the PEG, one of the best
Progress-related uses of the Internet I know of.


--- End of forwarded mail from andy


Progress Software Corp.           URL: http://www.***.com/
14 Oak Park
Bedford, MA 01730 USA
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| June 26-30, 1995, in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.  DON'T MISS IT!     |

Mon, 03 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT
 Accessing databases through WWW



I'm investigating setting up hypertext links into PROGRESS databases so they
can be access through the Web.

Can it be done?  Has anyone done this?  How is it done?  If you have any
information about this type of thing, could you please get in touch with me

Unfortunately, I just can't read this newsgroup before it gets expired
so I need email replies.  Also the address in the header is almost
certainly wrong.

Information Systems Division                    |      
Queensland Department of Primary Industries     | { witty_quote.i }

Information Systems Division                    |      
Queensland Department of Primary Industries     | { witty_quote.i }

Mon, 03 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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