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Someone on BITNET's Clipper list requested that instructions
be posted to this list on how to subscribe to the Bitnet list:

(These instructions will work from most NSFnet and Bitnet
sites.  I don't know how well they work from other (sub)-nets.)

Put SUB CLIPPER _your_name_ as the subject and/or the first
line of the message.  _your_name_ is what the listserver will
(usually) put into the FROM field when it routes a posting.

and putting UNSUB CLIPPER in the subject and/or first line
of the message.

Keep in mind that a Bitnet list is not like Usenet; Everyone
on the list (some 150 people I think) will get EVERY posting
to the list as email.

You can get a list of the various commands you can use with
a listserver by sending HELP as the subject of a mail

Mike Leach
University of Cincinnati

Tue, 30 May 1995 21:11:15 GMT
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