Connection Issues with ASP, ADO, and MSACCESS 200 
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 Connection Issues with ASP, ADO, and MSACCESS 200


I'm having connection issues when connecting to a MSACC2000 database on a
Windows 2000 network.  When connecting to the database via an ASP web page
alone, the database can be accessed.  However, if a someone has opened the
database using MSACC2000, and then a web user tries to access the same
database using the ASP web page, the user on the web will recieve the
following error:

Error Code: -2147467259
Could not use ''; file already in use
Microsoft JET Database Engine

I'm using an OLE-DB Provider connection for MS jet.  Any help with this
issue would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for anyone's


Mon, 19 Jul 2004 03:35:47 GMT
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