How can I import a .txt file in a database with an external file description 
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 How can I import a .txt file in a database with an external file description

This is my problem,
I want to convert a TXT (with fixed record length no headers) file to a
database file. Can I create a second file with descriptions of all fields
(need to know the format of such) or  do I modify my TXT file and add
information of the fields to it. I tried using a macro in Excel 5.0 but I
had to many fields to define. The excel Macro could not run because of a
command line which was to long.
Can anyone give me an idea how this can be done and what tools I would need
to do so.
(The TXT file is created on a IBM RS6000 machine and downloaded to an NT
Thanks to anyone who can help me out of this one.
Jean-Luc Reygaert

Sat, 01 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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