odbc32.dll and password-protected paradox tables 
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 odbc32.dll and password-protected paradox tables


I'm writing an application using Borland C++ Builder 5 and I have to
access a paradox database which is password protected.  For a number
of reasons, my boss doesn't want me to use the built-in Borland
Database Engine, so I am registering the database as an ODBC Data
Source and accessing it via calls to the C API provided by odbc32.dll.

(I don't know anything about MDAC.  I'm running Windows 2000 and ODBC
support came pre-installed with the system.)

I started out by compiling and running the example programs in Chapter
10 of Sanders' "ODBC 3.5 Developer's Guide" using the Northwind sample
database from Access.  Everything works just fine.  Then, when I
convert the examples over to work with my paradox database, I start to
get errors.  I have tried removing the password protection from the
database with other tools, and that fixes my problems.  So I'm only
getting errors when I access a password-protected database.

I have been using SQLDriverConnect to connect to the data source, with
the following simple connection string: "DSN=CTS;PWD=aardvark;"
SQLDriverConnect reports no error and returns the following modified
connection string:


So far everything looks OK.  SQLAllocHandle returns SQL_SUCCESS, and
then SQLExecDirect crashes on me with SQL_ERROR.  It reports an
SQLSTATE : HY000 and the message "[Microsoft][ODBC Paradox Driver]
Unexpected error from external database driver (10498)."

Does anyone have any experience with this combination of resources?
The documentation for Microsoft's Desktop Database Drivers says it is
supposed to be able to handle Paradox passwords with a connection
string like the one above.  Does Microsoft's odbc32.dll have a bug in
it that makes it unable to handle Paradox passwords?

Thanks in advance for any help any of you can give,


Tue, 05 Aug 2003 07:03:50 GMT
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