GIS/RDBMS interfacing 
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 GIS/RDBMS interfacing

Our research group is putting together a database system for traffic
analysis for the California Department of Transportation.  Our data
needs require us to interface a GIS and an RDBMS, and we are looking
for a suitable GIS/RDBMS combination.

We need the GIS for spatial data (map information), and we must also
be able to use the GIS as a graphical front end to the entire
database system.  The GIS must have some macro language that we could
use to build this front end (such as ARC's AML).  There must also be
some way to access the RDBMS from the GIS (I would envision this
being done from the macro language).  The RDBMS will provide the GIS
with non-spatial data, and it must be able to store unstructured data
such as video.  Both of these must run on a PC platform, under either
DOS or MS-Windows.

I know that there are several combinations that exist for Sun
workstations (ARC/INFO from ESRI can access Oracle, for instance),
but there seem to be fewer options on a PC platform.  If there is
anyone who has interfaced a GIS with an RDBMS in a manner similar to
what I described above, or has heard of such a system, I would be
interested in more information.  You can either post your replies
here if you feel it would be applicable to a wide audience, or you

Thanks in advance.


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Mon, 23 Dec 1996 08:09:37 GMT
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