Substitute for INKEY()? 
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 Substitute for INKEY()?

I know there are tonnes of message here and we all get kinda swamped, but
if any of you can help me on these two issues, I'd very much appreciate it.

1) Is there a substitute for INKEY()
2) Is there any decent library out there for Word Processing in Foxpro?

one: we have written a full featured terminal in foxpro 2.6 for windows
using silverfox's libraries.  the only problem is that we need
programmable function keys (ie, ON KEY LABEL F1 do something) and
generally need about 10-15 keys.  but in polling the keyboard for user
transmit characters, the INKEY function seems to override (9 times in 10)
the ON KEY LABELs, resulting in our function keys doing nothing.  We
can't simple use the INKEY() result codes because all the numbers
overlap.  Ie, ALT-A is indistinguishable from 2 and so on.  and if we ON
KEY LABEL every possible key, it locks quickly.  is there some low level
function that will return a wider-ranged return value than inkey?

two: we are trying to include a small but decent windows word processor
in our application.  but there seem to be no kits out there.  if you know
of anything, or can write one, we can pay you $$.

any info would be sincerely appreciated.

thank you in advance.

seain conover
vancouver, bc, canada.



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Mon, 23 Dec 1996 15:01:11 GMT
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