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 summary of "database wanted"


I had asked about getting an easy-to-use database for home usage.
I've gotten several responses: Thanks very much! FoxPro2.6 was
brought up as a good solution. I was concerned about whether its
interface was a poor transfer from DOS to Windows. Evidently, it
is quite able to stand as a Windows -based database that will
require a small amount of learning to manipulate a simple database.
For $99, this fits my budget well. MSAccess, though desirable, seems
to be overkill and would require an increase in RAM (to 6MB) besides
the purchase of the program at ~$300. Too much for too much. I haven't
bought it yet, so if there are any more opinions floating around...

Howard Moss                     .suppressed opinions are my own.

Santa Rosa, CA

Mon, 23 Dec 1996 03:19:14 GMT
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