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 ODP: Report question

To see what parameters are passed to the report set
II_UTEXE_DEBUG env variable to TRUE and export it before executing your


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Wys3ano: Wednesday, January 30, 2002 8:36 AM

Temat: Report question


I have a problem with a report. I call the report trough a C-procedure

execlp("report", "report", output, repname, database, params, "-s",
(char *) 0);

But when in the variable params is filled with quotes (" ") I get the
follwing error:

E_RW1001 Bad parameters specified at or near ''')'
    Correct usage of REPORT command is:
             REPORT dbname [[-m..] table | [-r] report | -i..] [-d]
               [-f..] [-qn] [-ln] [-wn] [-vn]
               [-t|+t] [-b|+b] [-5] [-6]
               [-h] [-s] [-uuser] [-oprinter] [-nn] [({param=val})]
               [-P] [-GgroupID]
 Processing stops.

Does anyone know how I can use quotes (" ") without getting the error?


Kind Regards,

Michel Mansens

Sun, 18 Jul 2004 17:51:29 GMT
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