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 OpenRoad and II_TIMEZONE


I seem to be have this strange experience with the timezone and using
the function date('now'). I'm runnin  OR3.0/04 on my pc and saving
the date('now') in a table on my server (vax running 6.4/04) and when
I do it subtracts 5 hours from the time on the pc when it saves it. For
Example, if my pc (which sets its time from the server when pathworks
startsup) says its 11am and I save the date to a table and look at the
table on the server it shows 6am in the table. On the server, II_TIMEZONE
is set to "5", which is how far off from GMT we are (this is yearound as
I'm in one of the weird Indiana counties that never changes their clocks -
I just have to re-program my vcr twice a year because DS9 and vo  yager are
on at different times depending on if everyone else is observing daylight
savings time or not :) ). It doesn't matter on my pc if II_TIMEZONE is set
to blank, 5 or 23 or anything else, it still subtracts 5 when I saves the
date.  Does my PC think that the current time is GMT and therefore when
it gets to the server subtract 5 to get Eastern Standard Time? How can I
make OpenRoad realize that the time on my pc is indeed the proper time and
it doesn't need to subtract 5 when it saves it? Also, is it possible to
have OpenRoad save the date/time in GMT on the server. That way the people
in our California division can set their timezone and see the times in their
local time instead of our time in Indiana.  



Sun, 23 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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