Controlling SCREEN on Mac 
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 Controlling SCREEN on Mac

I'd appreciate some tips on how to manipulate the base FoxPro screen.

The documentation mentions a file called FoxPro Settings that is
supposed to control screen fonts and sizes.  I'd like to be able to
specify these things at run time for a program.  (e.g. Find out the size
of the main monitor, subtract menu height, and status bar height--if
present, maybe subtract device icon area on right of screen, and make
the FoxPro window occupy the rest of the monitor.)

An almost reasonable alternative would be to have the FoxPro main screen
never appear at all and do everything from a base user window.  Is there
a method for avoiding the default screen altogether?

...while I'm on the subject of windows, does FoxPro for Macintosh
support floating windows?  The only reference to FLOAT that I've found
just means "movable" rather than windows which belong to a separate
layer above the normal windows.

Mon, 09 Dec 1996 21:08:00 GMT
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