Dynamically adding tables to data environment, VFP 7 
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 Dynamically adding tables to data environment, VFP 7

I am generilazing an application. Part of this process is to define a working
direcotory (folder) on a departimental basis. I do this by reading the value
form a table. I assign the value to a global variable (yes I know a property
is better but that would involve other changes I do not want to tackle yet).
Current several forms point to free tables in the working direcotory. Call
the global vairable gcWorkdir. How do I dynamically open tables for the forms
data enviroment when the form starts up and then assign properties to the
table and set relations? For example in one form I want to use the table
PIORIDERS in folder workdir7 (value of gcWorkdir) in Exclusive mode and have
the field cstkno in table INSTOCK joined (set a relation) to field clstkno in
table PIORDER. In other form I want to open table VORDTMP and set its tag to
field cvendcode. Currently relations are set in the INIT method of the data
enviroment in one form and hard code (diagram) in the other. Can it all be
done in the INIT method? If so please post sample code. TIA

Mon, 19 Jul 2004 01:23:21 GMT
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