Ingres Windows4gl, look and feel portability. 
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 Ingres Windows4gl, look and feel portability.

We have Sun equipment and are very keen to get the OPENLOOK
version of the Ingres Windows4gl product. However at the
moment Ingres on has a MOTIF version (please no look & feel

Ingres have offered to update our software to the OPENLOOK
version as soon as it is available. My concern is given that we
will be developing applications under the MOTIF version, will
those applications run (without change) under the OPENLOOK
version and automagically change all aspects of the windows so
that they have the look & feel of OPENLOOK.

Ingres claim that the product will take on the "look & feel" of
the appropriate GUI. And that all code is portable, well here are
some poser for those who maybe in the know,

    1. MOTIF scrollbars, sliders etc use different amounts of
       space than their conterparts in other GUI's. So how does
       Windows4gl change them.

    2. OPENLOOK has pinnable menus, MOTIF does not. Assumming
       that the OPENLOOK version allows you setup pinnable menus
       (and it better), how can the application be totally

    3. OPENLOOK also has "drag and drop" if used it would also be
       unportable. If not used then it would a shame because it
       is excellent feature. Allthough No. 2 above could not
       break an application this one could because it could be
       relied upon within the application.
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Sun, 30 May 1993 11:51:42 GMT
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