v7.2.1 Released: Critical Bug Fix 
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 v7.2.1 Released: Critical Bug Fix

Generally, what is the duration between such an announcement and the
appearence of
the RPMs found on the Download PostgreSQL  page?

Also, the http://www.***.com/




> Over this past weekend, the PostgreSQL Global Development Group packaged
> up and put onto our ftp server PostgreSQL v7.2.1 ... a bug fix release, it
> fixes a critical bug in v7.2:

>     sequence counters will go backwards after a crash

> Other fixes since v7.2 include:

>  Fix pgaccess kanji-coversion key binding (Tatsuo)
>  Optimizer improvements (Tom)
>  cash I/O improvements (Tom)
>  New Russian FAQ
>  Compile fix for missing AuthBlockSig (Heiko)
>  Additional time zones and time zone fixes (Thomas)
>  Allow psql \connect to handle mixed case database and user names (Tom)
>  Return proper OID on command completion even with ON INSERT rules (Tom)
>  Allow COPY FROM to use 8-bit DELIMITERS (Tatsuo)
>  Fix bug in extract/date_part for milliseconds/microseconds (Tatsuo)
>  Improve handling of multiple UNIONs with different lengths (Tom)
>  contrib/btree_gist improvements (Teodor Sigaev)
>  contrib/tsearch dictionary improvements, see README.tsearch for
>    an additional installation step (Thomas T. Thai, Teodor Sigaev)
>  Fix for array subscripts handling (Tom)

> Upgrading to v7.2.1 from v7.2 *does not* require a dump/reload, but it is
> required from all previous releases ...

> Due to the nature of the bug with the sequence counters, it is *highly*
> recommended that anyone running v7.2 upgrade to the latest version at
> their earliest convience ...

> Marc G. Fournier

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Sun, 19 Sep 2004 04:16:30 GMT
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