are ecpg produced programs thread-safe??? 
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 are ecpg produced programs thread-safe???

I have posted this question some weeks ago, but noone answered. So I
decided to repost.

I am writing in C++. I have created a class that performs various
transactions with a PG database.
The transactions are implemented through embedded SQL using the ecpg
In my application, I create lots of threads that access the database
through the class I have created. However I have a lot of unexplainable
crashes, that makes me wander if the code ecpg generated is thread safe.

*********Does anybody know if the code generated by ecpg is thread

I have read that the libpq and libpq++ libraries are thread-safe if each
thread has its own connection.
Please NOTE that every instance of my class, creates a new connection to
the database.
By default, every instance of a class has its own memory.


Mon, 27 Sep 2004 16:41:49 GMT
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