pgsql-server/src/test/regress resultmap expect ... 
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 pgsql-server/src/test/regress resultmap expect ...

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot
Module name:    pgsql-server

Modified files:
        src/test/regress: resultmap
Added files:
        src/test/regress/expected: geometry_1.out
Removed files:
        src/test/regress/expected: geometry-positive-zeros.out

Log message:
        Admit defeat on the prospect of keeping straight exactly which platforms
        produce which output in the geometry test, even with the problem narrowed
        down to only whether they print minus zero or not.  Instead, use
        pg_regress' locale-variant mechanism to automatically consider the test
        to pass if it matches either supplied comparison file.  geometry_1.out
        replaces the former geometry-positive-zeros.out.

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Wed, 01 Jun 2005 04:36:02 GMT
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