PERL DBI and Novell Netware 
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 PERL DBI and Novell Netware

Hello all,
   I am in the investigation phase of a potential project that would
automaticly update a novell Netware server's user accounts with information
stored on PostgreSQL Database running on a linux box through a perl script.

Currently Netware has support for
? Database Independent Interface (DBI)
? NetWare Data Object (NDO) UCX Component
? Remote ActiveX Provider and ADO Component on Windows machine

Through DBI, Netware can remotely connect to Oracle on NetWare or MS-Access,
SQL Server and Oracle, all on Windows

  Is anybody out there familure enough with dbi and Novell to be able to tell
me how I can get a perl script running on Netware to connect to a
PostgreSQL/Linux box.

Or if it is way to complicated / know one knows.  Please send an e-mail to

Jeff Post

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Mon, 04 Oct 2004 06:36:04 GMT
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