New system OIDS inside include/catalog/pg_proc.h 
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 New system OIDS inside include/catalog/pg_proc.h

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> I think you're wasting your time to think about this now.  By
> the time 7.3 comes out, we will have an entirely new approach
> to temp tables: they'll be named with the same names the user
> sees, and live in per-backend temp schemas to avoid name
> conflicts with permanent tables. So any code based on working
> with the existing temp-name mapper will be in the s{*filter*}heap
> before it can get released :-(

Thank you for the heads-up. Yes, this means some of my code is
now "scrapped" but I did learn a lot in the process. I seem to
recall that at least one other person was recently pointed to
temprel.c (I think for temporary views?) so may I suggest
that a README be added to the backend/utils/cache directory, or
perhaps a comment at the top of temprel.c stating something
similar to the quoted paragraph above, so that others will not
use the soon-to-be-replaced temp-name code.

Also, thanks for the replies regarding the unused oids. As I
suspected, there is no rhyme or reason. :)

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Sun, 25 Jul 2004 20:40:11 GMT
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