user defined type problem 
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 user defined type problem

Hi all,

I'm trying to create a user defined type (dir_type) to map a set of strings to a
set of numbers

'entrata' => 0
'uscita' => 1
'anyotherstring' => ERROR

so my users can write something like this:

direzione is a dir_type
insert into foo(direzione) values('entrata')
select * from foo where direzione='entrata'

you can check

for the sql commands


for the shared library code

the functions dir_toint() and dir_tochar() work properly:
eg select dir_toint('entrata');
but if I try to select

the backend crashses
checking the log I notice that the backend crash
after the second elog() in dir_toint()

any ideas?

thank you

Sun, 25 Jul 2004 18:28:18 GMT
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