pgsql/ oc/src/sgml/libpq++.sgml oc/src/sgml/re ... 
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 pgsql/ oc/src/sgml/libpq++.sgml oc/src/sgml/re ...

CVSROOT:        /home/projects/pgsql/cvsroot
Module name:    pgsql

Modified files:
        doc/src/sgml   : libpq++.sgml
        doc/src/sgml/ref: psql-ref.sgml
        src/bin/psql   : command.c describe.c describe.h
        src/interfaces/libpq++: pgconnection.h
                                pgdatabase.h pglobject.h

Log message:
        Here's a version of my suggested diffs transplanted to 7.1 beta 5.  I'm
        still looking at the best way to integrate Tom Vijlbrief's fixes
        (insofar as they're still needed); would 7.2 be a suitable time for
        incompatible API changes?



        (*) Introduced bool, true, false (replacing some int, 1, 0)
        (*) Made some member functions const
        (*) Documented GetIsNull()
        (*) Marked DisplayTuples() and PrintTuples() as obsolescent; fixed possible
        portability problem (assumed that NULL pointer equals all-zero bit pattern)
        (*) PrintTuples(): renamed width parameter to fillAlign to conform with other
        usage; fixed memory leak and compile issue w.r.t. field separator (should
        also slightly improve performance)
        (*) Fixed some minor compilation issues
        (*) Moved "using namespace std;" out of headers, where they didn't belong; used
        new (temporary) preprocessor macro PGSTD to do this
        (*) Made ToString() static, removed unneeded memset(), made buffer size adapt
        to sizeof(int)
        (*) Made some constructors explicit
        (*) Changed some const std::string & parameters to plain std::string
        (*) Marked PgCursor::Cursor(std::string) as obsolescent (setter with same name
        as getter--bad style)
        (*) Renamed some paramaters previously named "string"
        (*) Introduced size_type typedef for number of tuples in result set
        (*) PgTransaction now supports re-opening after closing, and aborts if not
        explicitly committed prior to destruction

        J. T. Vermeulen

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Mon, 27 Oct 2003 02:25:35 GMT
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