unknownin/out patch (was [HACKERS] PQescapeBytea is not 
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 unknownin/out patch (was [HACKERS] PQescapeBytea is not

> >> Also as a side note, I can't get make check to get past initdb if I
> >> configure with --enable-multibyte on CVS tip. Is there a known problem

> > News to me --- anyone else seeing that?

> FWIW, CVS tip with --enable-multibyte builds and passes regression tests
> here (modulo the horology thing).  I concur with Chris' suggestion that
> you may not have done a clean reconfiguration.  If you're not using
> --enable-depend then a "make clean" is certainly needed.

Try a multibyte encoding database. For example,

$ createdb -E EUC_JP test
$ psql -c 'SELECT SUBSTRING('1234567890' FROM 3)' test
(1 row)

Apparently this is wrong.
Tatsuo Ishii

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Fri, 24 Sep 2004 13:48:33 GMT
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