Error: Attribute "oid" not found 
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 Error: Attribute "oid" not found

Hi ,

I need help ,
 - win98 , cygwin , postgreSQL 7.3.1 , DBI 1.3. , DBD-Pg 0.95 ,
 -initdb (with PGDATA ENV-VARIABLE )
 - CREATEDB demo , and the [demo] database is created.

-question [1] why I got this error ?
when I using the pgAccess to open a database , I can login to
the database and saw the system table , when I select a system
table and try to view , i have this problem ,after pgaccess try to
sql : select oid,"pg_attribute".* from "pg_attribute"

   ERROR : Attribute "oid" not found

-question [2] why I got this error ?
When I use dbish.bat , entered ...

Enter driver name or number, or full 'dbi:...:...' DSN: 2
Use of uninitialized value in printf at D:/Perl/site/lib/DBI/
line 508,
<FIN> line 1.

-question [3] , why after I enter ...

Enter data source or number, or full 'dbi:...:...' DSN:

Connecting to 'dbi:Pg:dbname=demo' as ''...
DBI connect('dbname=demo','',...) failed: connectDBStart() -- socket()
No such file or directory

Thanks for any help, I am really trying to setup the DBD-Pg , and I
don;t know what cause me problems , whether is the new postgreSQl
7.3.1. or DBD-Pg 0.95 not
compatible or... Please help me , any advise will be much appreciated


Sun, 03 Jul 2005 13:40:30 GMT
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