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 NOCREATETABLE patch (was: Re: Please, help!(about P

> > The connect group would be granted these System Privileges:

If we keep it like others (e.g. Informix) this System Privilege would be called
"resource". I like this name better, because it more describes the detailed


> > CREATE AGGREGATE privilege
> > CREATE INDEX privilege
> > CREATE FUNCTION privilege
> > CREATE OPERATOR privilege
> > CREATE RULE privilege
> > CREATE SESSION privilege
> > CREATE SYNONYM privilege
> > CREATE TABLE privilege
> > CREATE TRIGGER privilege
> > CREATE TYPE privilege
> > CREATE VIEW privilege

The "connect" group would only have the priviledge to connect to the db [and
create temp tables ?] and rights they where granted, or that were granted to public.
They would not be allowed to create anything.


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Sun, 26 Oct 2003 15:54:02 GMT
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