ideas on optimization 
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 ideas on optimization

currently we are testing postgres vs DB2 on speed and scalability.  our test
database is approx 30GB and we are running freeBSD 4.3-STABLE with a 733MHZ
processor and 1GB of ram with postgres 7.1.2.  our postgres queries are
taking over 4min while our DB2 queries are taking less than 30 sec.  this is
really bad considering our DB will grow to over 6TB for 1 year worth of
data.  Can postgres handle this, and is there a way to optimize the
postmaster to use all the system resources that it needs.  currently we
start the postmaster this way:
pg_ctl -o "-o -F -B 3000 -N 2 -ps -pn" start
any help would be great.
Andy Jenks
Compete Inc.

Mon, 24 Nov 2003 01:52:52 GMT
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