Retrieving the transaction id ... 
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 Retrieving the transaction id ...

Is there a standard way for retrieving the current transaction id? If
there is not here is a brief function which does the job:

#include "postgres.h"
#include "access/xact.h"

        TransactionId xid = GetCurrentTransactionId();
        PG_RETURN_INT32((int32) xid);


And here is the SQL code for adding it to the database:

        RETURNS int4
        AS '/home/hs/datatype/transaction/'
        LANGUAGE 'C';

SELECT getxid();

A function like that can be useful for logging purposes. Assume a table
where a list of all SQL commands sent to the server is stored. To
distinguish the transactions the statements belong do retrieving the
transaction id might be useful.
I have tested the function above on my UNIX maschine and it seems to
work well.

I'd be pleased if anybody could integrate a function like that in
PostgreSQL's core distribution.


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Sun, 25 Jul 2004 06:40:52 GMT
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