pgsql/ oc/src/sgml/client-auth.sgml oc/src/sgm ... 
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 pgsql/ oc/src/sgml/client-auth.sgml oc/src/sgm ...

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot
Module name:    pgsql

Modified files:
        doc/src/sgml   : client-auth.sgml reference.sgml
        doc/src/sgml/ref: allfiles.sgml
        src/backend/commands: user.c
        src/backend/libpq: Makefile auth.c crypt.c hba.c
        src/backend/postmaster: postmaster.c
        src/backend/utils/adt: quote.c
        src/backend/utils/init: miscinit.c
        src/bin        : Makefile
        src/bin/initdb :
        src/include    : miscadmin.h
        src/include/catalog: pg_proc.h
        src/include/commands: user.h
        src/include/libpq: crypt.h hba.h
        src/test/regress/expected: opr_sanity.out
        src/test/regress/sql: opr_sanity.sql
Removed files:
        doc/src/sgml/ref: pg_passwd.sgml
        src/backend/libpq: password.c
        src/bin/pg_passwd: Makefile pg_passwd.c

Log message:
        Authentication improvements:

        A new pg_hba.conf column, USER
        Allow specifiction of lists of users separated by commas
        Allow group names specified by +

        Allow lists of databases, and database files
        Allow samegroup in database column to match group name matching dbname
        Removal of secondary password files
        Remove pg_passwd utility
        Lots of code cleanup in user.c and hba.c
        New data/global/pg_pwd format
        New data/global/pg_group file

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Mon, 20 Sep 2004 12:26:21 GMT
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