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 retun cursor


> When I do fetch 10 from "unnamed cursor 1"
> It says Query Executed Ok. But when am I really going to see the output?
> When Will I see the records? pLease explain the process.....WHat do I fetch
> the cursor into?

Here's a simple function and a fetch passed in through
psql -e

create table test1(a int);
insert into test1 values (1);
INSERT 156460 1
insert into test1 values (2);
INSERT 156461 1
insert into test1 values (3);
INSERT 156462 1
insert into test1 values (4);
INSERT 156463 1
insert into test1 values (5);
INSERT 156464 1
create function testfunc1(int4) returns refcursor as '
 r refcursor;
 open r for select * from test1 where a>=$1;
 return r;
language 'plpgsql';
select testfunc1(2);
 <unnamed cursor 1>
(1 row)

fetch 1 from "<unnamed cursor 1>";
(1 row)

fetch all from "<unnamed cursor 1>";
(3 rows)


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