pgsql/ ontrib/dblink/dblink.c ontrib/dbsize/db ... 
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 pgsql/ ontrib/dblink/dblink.c ontrib/dbsize/db ...

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot
Module name:    pgsql

Modified files:
        contrib/dblink : dblink.c
        contrib/dbsize : dbsize.c
        contrib/miscutil: misc_utils.c
        contrib/pgstattuple: pgstattuple.c
        src/backend/access/common: indextuple.c
        src/backend/access/gist: gist.c gistget.c gistscan.c
        src/backend/access/hash: hash.c hashscan.c hashsearch.c
        src/backend/access/heap: heapam.c tuptoaster.c
        src/backend/access/index: genam.c indexam.c
        src/backend/access/nbtree: nbtree.c nbtsearch.c nbtutils.c
        src/backend/access/rtree: rtget.c rtree.c rtscan.c
        src/backend/bootstrap: bootstrap.c
        src/backend/catalog: aclchk.c heap.c index.c namespace.c
        src/backend/commands: analyze.c async.c cluster.c comment.c
                              copy.c dbcommands.c indexcmds.c
                              tablecmds.c user.c vacuum.c
        src/backend/executor: nodeIndexscan.c nodeSeqscan.c
        src/backend/optimizer/path: indxpath.c
        src/backend/optimizer/util: plancat.c
        src/backend/parser: parse_func.c
        src/backend/postmaster: pgstat.c
        src/backend/rewrite: rewriteDefine.c
        src/backend/storage/large_object: inv_api.c
        src/backend/utils/adt: not_in.c
        src/backend/utils/init: postinit.c
        src/backend/utils/misc: superuser.c
        src/backend/utils/sort: tuplesort.c
        src/include/access: genam.h hash.h heapam.h itup.h nbtree.h
                            relscan.h rtree.h
        src/include/catalog: pg_proc.h
        src/include/nodes: execnodes.h

Log message:
        Restructure indexscan API (index_beginscan, index_getnext) per
        yesterday's proposal to pghackers.  Also remove unnecessary parameters
        to heap_beginscan, heap_rescan.  I modified pg_proc.h to reflect the
        new numbers of parameters for the AM interface routines, but did not
        force an initdb because nothing actually looks at those fields.

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Sat, 06 Nov 2004 08:35:57 GMT
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