Array Data Type return what type in JDBC? 
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 Array Data Type return what type in JDBC?

If I have a table

CREATE TABLE test_array (
id char(8) not null,
data integer[] default '{15,0}',
primary key (id)


INSERT INTO test_array (id) values ('12345678');


SELECT id,data[1],data[2] FROM test_array;

12345678 | 15 | 0
For the data[1] and data[2] I can use ResultSet.getInt(int i)

But what happen if

SELECT id,data FROM test_array;

12345678 | {15,0}

What method I should use in JDBC ResultSet.get????(int i)?
Will be getString(int i)? Because I don't see getIntArray(int i) method
from ResultSet interface.

Thank you in advance!

Mon, 23 Feb 2004 02:53:39 GMT
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