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 Help with table definitions


I need help creating a new table, using an old table as a template.
The problem is that i would like to alter the table, adding a field
with a constraint, using SQL. This is not supported by ALTER TABLE.

On the net, I found this:
SELECT  a.attname, format_type(a.atttypid, a.atttypmod)  FROM  
pg_class c, pg_attribute a   WHERE   c.relname = 'bilde' AND  
a.attnum > 0 AND     a.attrelid = c.oid;

that returns:
  attname  |  format_type  
 bid       | smallint
 tittel    | character(100)
 motiv     | character(250)
 storrelse | character(20)
 teknikk   | character(20)
 farve     | character(5)
 fotoaar   | character(20)

this does not give me information about constraints (for example Check

If I had this information, I could recreate the column desctiptions,
and recreate the table with an insert select, adding the new column Im
interested in.

Is there a possibility to use a SELECT INTO in this manner? I dont
think so..

Thanks for any help


Sat, 24 Jul 2004 22:34:14 GMT
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