Regression Test Failure on PG 7.2 under RH 7.2 
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 Regression Test Failure on PG 7.2 under RH 7.2

Hi there.  I am having some problems with the regression test as others have
described briefly. Essentially during the regression 7 items fail.

After some investigation I was able to figure out how to get rid of the 5
problems with char/vchar and three selects. It is related to
locale. The RedHat locale causes bizarre issues with sorting (if you look at
the regression.diff file you can see it).
To get rid of it, do the following:

a) install the rpms (non-source in my case)
b) su -l postgres
c) execute the following commands:
    declare -x LANG=C
    declare -x LC_ALL=C
    declare -x LC_COLLATE=C
(this is done to reset the locale to be use before running the following
command ... you see Postgres essentially assumes standard 'C' locale instead
of things like en_US or fr_CA, etc).
d) initdb --pgdata=/var/lib/pgsql

If you don't do the above, but just run '/etc/init.d/postgres start' after
installing the RPMs then the startup script will do the initdb automatically
using your the OS locale, which, as I mentioned, is quite bizarre for

The above, however, does not fix int8 nor numeric. Looking at
regression.diff, they still have the same problem of a $ being left
justified as part of the formating.  I am guessing I am missing something,
but I have tried setting other items to no avail (tried setting LC_NUMERIC,
for example)

Anyone have any ideas?

Joseph Molnar

Sun, 19 Sep 2004 12:38:11 GMT
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